Monday, 22 August 2011

A Quick Blurb on the State of Things

Busy summers are busy. Consumed with full time work and other obligations, I feel like I need to address the inactivity on this here blog. Do not fear the worst, for we're all lurking somewhere in the shadows of Toronto's film scene, just a little further outside the margins than we'd like to be. I for one know that I have a whole slate of films lined up to be reviewed, scrutinized, and ultimately published for your re-criticism here. Attack the Block, Horrible Bosses, the new Harry Potter thingy, and a load of home-viewed releases I'm planning to summarize in a Summer 2011 wrap-up (which would be cool if we could all sync up. Woo!). Brad and I will be attending the upcoming Toronto International Film Festival with press/industry passes, so expect a whole lot more coverage of whatever we're interested in or we find topical. Here's to a new semester of film school and a summer of good times. Catch you all soon,


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