Tuesday, 30 August 2011


"Nothing bad happens when you're doing the right thing."

Oh no

How time flies.

It doesn't seem like three months have gone by since Cannes and I was posting to this blog everyday. I was meaning to do some reviews over the summer of films that I got a chance to see before the public, but I didn't see too many, sadly. By the time I had enough time to get around to them, it was already old news. Everyone makes posts about how they wish they kept up with their blog, and while I suppose this is one of them, I'm happy to announce that a novel I'm working on has taken up the majority of my free time (at least, when it comes to writing). That's about 36,000 words in and continues to take form. It's very fun to write, and to be honest, I'm shocked at how much the story-telling begins to take root in your mind.

As for films, I recently had a brilliant stroke of luck and generosity, and thanks to some certain individuals I am now armed with a pass for the TIFF '11 P&I screenings — so Brad, Nick and myself should be bringing a combined force of reviews throughout the behemoth that is Toronto. I know we're all very excited.

Hang on tight. It's gonna be crazy.

Monday, 22 August 2011

A Quick Blurb on the State of Things

Busy summers are busy. Consumed with full time work and other obligations, I feel like I need to address the inactivity on this here blog. Do not fear the worst, for we're all lurking somewhere in the shadows of Toronto's film scene, just a little further outside the margins than we'd like to be. I for one know that I have a whole slate of films lined up to be reviewed, scrutinized, and ultimately published for your re-criticism here. Attack the Block, Horrible Bosses, the new Harry Potter thingy, and a load of home-viewed releases I'm planning to summarize in a Summer 2011 wrap-up (which would be cool if we could all sync up. Woo!). Brad and I will be attending the upcoming Toronto International Film Festival with press/industry passes, so expect a whole lot more coverage of whatever we're interested in or we find topical. Here's to a new semester of film school and a summer of good times. Catch you all soon,